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Welcome to NETLA (Northeast Texas Longhorn Association)!  


NETLA was formed many years ago and is an affiliate of the International Texas Longhorn Association (ITLA) to represent the Texas Longhorn producers of the Northeast United States.  Our members can be found all along the east coast.   


Our organization is for all ages.  We strive to be a valuable resource of knowledge and support to our members no matter what level of experience in the longhorn industry you have.  NETLA is a strong supporter of our youth as they are our future.  We offer free youth membership to those who own their cattle.   

The International Texas Longhorn Association (ITLA) is our governing body.  It also is a great resource tool for longhorns whether it is the beef industry, showmanship, registration of cattle, or just longhorns in general.   Valuable information can be found on their site  

New members are always welcome.  Feel free to check out our site and contact any of the officers listed for more information.  Membership applications can be found on the page for show rules, forms, etc.  Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you somewhere along the trail!

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